Making It Happen Membership

Sometimes we need a kick-start; fresh momentum and a short-term plan of action.

And sometimes we just need to put one foot in front of the other, and KEEP GOING.

Actually – we need both!

This support programme is designed to bring both of those elements together, in a pay-as-you-go monthly membership format.

Every quarter you’ll get access to a private 90-Day Planning Workshop, plus on the 1st of each month (or closest Monday, when it falls on a weekend), a Monthly Review Workshop designed to help you review your progress and adjust your approach accordingly.

As well as that, there’s weekly coaching-style check-ins from me to help you keep on top of what you are learning from all that action taking, and ensuring you’re applying your best efforts to working smarter, not harder!


Who is it for?

It’s for women like you, who are starting a new chapter in their working life after having kids. Going self-employed, setting up in business, or taking their work in a new direction. This membership is designed to offer on-going business (and life!) planning support to anyone who:

  • wants to work for themselves, and needs help to get started
  • is already running their own venture, but finding it hard going it alone
  • wants access to regular support; to keep growing and to reach new goals.

Its designed as longer term support; keeping you going and keeping you on track, when its so easy to stall and falter alone.

Your Making It Happen Membership

Your Making It Happen Membership

What’s included?

A Quarterly 1.5hr online Business Planning Workshop hosted by me, Lucy Green (a certified Life Coach, Business Mentor and experienced facilitator) to get you on track and just as importantly, keep you there! We’ll be looking at your bigger picture, then focusing in on taking action over the next 3 months – EVERY quarter.

It’s designed especially for women with young families, who also work for themselves. We’ll be taking into account Family, Life AND Work stuff, and planning for the unexpected as well.

Then every month, you’ll also get access to the following:

  • Weekly Online Office Hours, where you can access my support 1:1
  • Coaching prompts from me, to ensure you are learning from all you’re doing
  • Monthly Review Workshops; to keep you on track with your goals
  • Access to a private mastermind community of like-minded ambitious, creative women running independent ventures; just like you.

Your Membership will give you quarterly goals, monthly milestones to track your progress against and access to ongoing coaching support: all the tools you need to build and grow a successful creative, independent business.


I’ll be checking in with you!
Its proven that having to be
accountable to another person
increases the likelihood of achieving
a goal. However I’m NOT
going to be nagging you, or
berating youif you stumble or get
lost on the way
– I’m your mentor, not your boss!


To swiftly get you
OUT of that comfort zone you
may have nicely eased into. I will design
weekly prompts that sit alongside
the goals you will be setting yourself
during our coaching sessions, and
that will stretch you juuuuust
enough to take you where you know
you want to be


to get past blocks, uncover
subconscious fears, and set 100%
clear goals that motivate.
Coaching is learning in action;
enabling you to figure
out YOUR way out of a problem,
with my full support.


I have an extensive library of
coaching exercises,
self-development resources


You can ask me anything, express
your fears, doubts, questions,
conundrums. I’ll reply with
either clear guidance, suggestions
for ways forward, answers
to questions or signposting to
further sources of support


I have been working with parent
focused businesses of all kinds for
some time and have an extensive
network of contacts who offer
specialist services I can hook you
up with. If I can’t help you with
it myself, I’m sure to know
someone who can!

Reserve Your Place

Reserve Your Place

The Membership

This is for you IF: You want support in place on an ongoing basis, with quarterly milestones to keep you on track, and regular monthly trainings and check-ins to keep you slowly, but surely, building your new venture.

Your Membership includes:

– Quarterly Live 90-Day Planning Workshops
– Monthly Review Workshops to keep on top of your goals
– Digital Planning & Review Workbooks to download and keep
– Weekly Online Office Hours with me to access 1:1 help and support
– Pairing with an Accountability Partner within the group
– Coaching prompts to support a ‘CEO’ mindset – working on your business, as well as in it

Founder Members (valid for all MARCH sign-ups): £17 per month

Full Fee when membership opens again next quarter: £27 per month

Doors will open to the private membership community on Friday 29th March, ahead of the first 90-day Workshop on Monday 1st April at 1pm. See you there?

 Why this Membership?

The problem with most support out there is that it focuses only on the business; as if we can carry on regardless no matter what life throws at us. When you have kids as well as a work venture, you need flexible support.

This membership will support you to grow your business holistically as a part of your whole, beautiful, busy family life. It offers comprehensive, affordable, coaching support as you build your business or self-employed venture; but at a realistic and steady pace, rather than overwhelming you with a huge course to complete (that likely just gets left on a digital shelf!).

You can dip in and out of the mastermind community as you like, attend the monthly workshops to stay on track, access my 1:1 help when you need it, and the quarterly planning sessions will always get you back on course, even when the sh*t hits the fan.