Your 90-Day Plan: Online Workshop

You’ve done the hard bit. You’ve started your business. Registered as a sole trader, got the wordpress site up and running, and started your social platforms successfully.

Maybe you’re blogging, vlogging on YouTube, or working as a freelancer. Perhaps you re-trained as a Digital Mum and now those skills are starting to pay their way. You could be doing consultancy, or training, or delivering 1:1 work with clients as a coach, PT, web designer or doula.

If that’s the case – WELL FREAKIN’ DONE MAMA!!

I am so inspired by mums like you, who have trodden their own path, made big decisions and are just doing it. Take a moment to congratulate yourself, won’t you? It’s NOT easy, and I’m betting you’ve overcome doubts, demons and dry patches to get where you are today….

So what’s next?

Got a big goal on your vision board?

Know what your level-up looks like?

Feeling ready to take the next step… but a little stuck where to start?

Then I’m here for you. I want to support you as you figure out your next move, set your intentions and make that s&*t happen. As you know, it’s never easy going it alone, so allow me to help you create the environment for success you crave, to make this next up level the easiest one yet.

Working for yourself is the biggest personal development journey you will EVER go on. It’s an adventure, and can be a fun, creative and challenging experience.

However, it’s really hard going it alone! Not knowing where to start, what to focus on and if you’re ever on track.


So let’s make a plan. Together.

Your 90-Day Business PLan

Your 90-Day Business Plan

What’s included?

A 1.5hr online Business Planning Workshop hosted by me, Lucy Green (a certified Life Coach, Business Mentor and experienced facilitator) to get your 2019 off to the best start possible. We’ll be looking at your bigger picture, then focusing in on taking action over the next 3 months.

DATE & TIME: 11am on Thursday 3rd January 2019

It’s designed especially for women with young families, who also work for themselves. We’ll be taking into account Family, Life AND Work stuff, and planning for the unexpected as well.

Together, we will go through my 90-day Plan Workbook during the session to review the year just gone and take the time & headspace to consider what you would love to do in 2019:

  • Maybe finally start that business instead of the inflexible 9-5? Grow a side hustle into a big deal? Or take your self-employed adventures up a BIG notch, once and for all.
  • Gain clarity on your ambitions for the year ahead and confidence that you can achieve those dreams, by breaking them down into clear quarterly goals with milestones to track progess.
  • Get your plan in place for making stuff happen – figure out the options available and what you will do to get your ideas out there over the next 90 days, along with practical actions to take that actually fit alongside your busy family life.

You’ll leave the session with a completed Workbook to take away with you; packed with your plans for the year, quarterly goals, milestones to track your progress against, and your 90-day Plan to get things happening for you in the first quarter of 2019.


I’ll be checking in with you!
Its proven that having to be
accountable to another person
increases the likelihood of achieving
a goal. However I’m NOT
going to be nagging you, or
berating youif you stumble or get
lost on the way
– I’m your mentor, not your boss!


To swiftly get you
OUT of that comfort zone you
may have nicely eased into. I will design
weekly prompts that sit alongside
the goals you will be setting yourself
during our coaching sessions, and
that will stretch you juuuuust
enough to take you where you know
you want to be


to get past blocks, uncover
subconscious fears, and set 100%
clear goals that motivate.
Coaching is learning in action;
enabling you to figure
out YOUR way out of a problem,
with my full support.


I have an extensive library of
coaching exercises,
self-development resources


You can ask me anything, express
your fears, doubts, questions,
conundrums. I’ll reply with
either clear guidance, suggestions
for ways forward, answers
to questions or signposting to
further sources of support


I have been working with parent
focused businesses of all kinds for
some time and have an extensive
network of contacts who offer
specialist services I can hook you
up with. If I can’t help you with
it myself, I’m sure to know
someone who can!

Reserve Your Place

Reserve Your Place

The Workshop

This is for you IF: You want a plan in place for 2019, with quarterly milestones to keep you on track, and a 90-Day plan to make stuff happen over the next 3 months.

Your Workshop ticket includes:

1 x 90 minute Virtual Workshop @11am on Thursday 3rd January 2019
Digital Workbook to download and keep
Replay access in case you aren’t available live

Earlybird Rate (valid until midnight 24/12/18): £27

Full Rate: £47

 Why this workshop?

The problem with most business planning templates is that it focuses only on the business; as if we can carry on regardless no matter what life throws at us. When you have kids as well as a work venture, you need a flexible plan that incorporates the unexpected: poorly kids, teething babies, nursery closures… AND factors in your own personal experience – sleepless nights, overwhelm, lack of confidence. Let’s not pretend they don’t exist!

This workshop will support you to plan your business holistically as a part of your whole, beautiful, busy family life.